The Ultimate Secret to Happiness [NOT CLICKBAIT!]

Self Love.

The Ultimate Secret to Happiness is Self Love. Period. (That’s why I put a period there, get it?)

But seriously, that’s the ultimate secret and here’s why…

If you truly loved yourself, truly, than why would you allow patterns, habits, etc… that end up hurting you? Taking moments away from you, days, weeks.

If you truly loved yourself, you would put all of your faculties behind yourself, to help yourself. You would disregard all things that hurt or just plain doesn’t help. You would feel that love for yourself and not pretend.

Self Love is the answer. If you don’t fully love yourself, that’s the path you must be on before anything. A majority if not all of your problems would dissipate under the light of love.

*Disclaimer* This doesn’t apply for everyone, some people may be suffering from a mental health disorder that makes it very difficult, or sometimes impossible for this simple tip to help, and I’m empathetic toward that. I’m not a professional counselor, just someone who has insights he would like to share!*


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