Just let go…

Just. Let. Go.

Stop fighting with yourself. I know it’s hard… and sounds easier than it actually is, believe me, but I’m telling you what works here. It’s a practice, not a magic pill…. just let go.

All the shit you have in your head right now, in terms of thoughts, images, about whatever it may be, past, present, future, whatever… is all just thought waves. Literally. means. nothing.

You know who gives them meaning? Yup, you. You are not your mind. You are beyond the mind.

So as you start to let go…. which is essentially meditation… you will begin to realize that you are the witnessing entity behind your mind. And frankly… your mind is there to serve you!

How liberating is that fact? Haha, the fact that your mind is supposed (and has through thousands of years with your ancestors) help you out. Yeah, it gets mad confused quite often… thinks a string of rope is a snake, or that the future is just so bleak… but understand this:

Once you deidentify with your mind and its activity, you begin to see the ridiculousness of it…

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So how do you control it? You ask…. Well…

You can’t. Short answer lol.

Long answer for another night, but you can control your attention. That’s why meditation calms your mind. Your attention is, well, you, in a way. Whatever you put your attention upon, grows. Be it thoughts, happy feelings of love for another human, or fear and disconnection…

You cannot control how you feel or think for the majority of the time, but what you can do is let it go…. let it pass, like a river. And then direct your focus upon something that makes you feel empowered, joyful, and happy…. because you deserve to be.

Hope you guys enjoyed that. Let me know if you want to see more of that kind of stuff. I also want to put a disclaimer here… I am by no means referring to people who have clinical, serious mental health issues. Please, don’t feel bad if you cannot implement these practices… it’s not your fault. Please seek professional care if you are not already, as I am not a professional, just giving my advice.

Thanks guys 🙂



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