The Way of the [Mental Health] Warrior

The Mental Health Warrior is experienced… ready for whatever comes his/her way. He knows his enemy. He knows his ‘tricks.’ He knows the warning signs and what to look out for. He’s fought this enemy in countless battles before…

With a shield in one hand, and a sword that only the warrior can equip in the other, he walks bravely, calmly, yet ready…. toward his desired path. Toward his desired goals. And toward his desired life.

His shield is the protection. Protection from the tricks his enemy is bound to play. These tricks are designed to distract the warrior from his mission. To plant a seed of doubt in his cause. And to ultimately, believe in whatever the enemy is saying to him.

The warrior knows this, however, which is why he wields his shield. The shield protects him from these tricks whenever the enemy gets a little to close…

It’s his last resort, because although he has full faith in himself, even a Spartan needed a shield. In fact, a Spartans’ shield was the basis for their exceptional success in battle…. nevertheless, the warrior raises his shield when the enemy gets too close, and he pushes him back, everytime.

His sword, sheathed upon his right leg, is a weapon that only the Mental Health Warrior can yield… for each MHW has their own unique sword, one that originates from the depths of each of their souls. In other words, only the warrior knows how and why his specific sword is powerful/effective against his enemy(ies). For, in reality, only the warrior knows what this enemy looks like… he may describe it to people, but only he truly knows.

He usually just waves his powerful sword in the air to scare off his enemies… this more often than not scares them away. The enemy sees the warrior’s sword, and knows that he is more powerful than he thought…

“This warrior is too smart and powerful for my antics… I will withdraw.”

– Says the enemy 9 times out of 10

But that 1 time, the enemy may be foolish enough to get too close to the Mental Health Warrior. At this point, the warrior uses his sword to defeat his enemy. The enemy is always stunned, because usually other weapons do not work, but the Mental Health Warrior knows his enemy’s weaknesses, and punctures through it.

So, whether it is through shield, or through his unique steel blade, the Mental Health Warrior is amongst the most courageous, and well-equipped men on this Earth… and walks down his path of his desired life, confident that if anything tries to demean him, lower him, or otherwise blind him to the reality of his true greatness, he will defeat them.

For the warrior is love. And thy enemy is fear. And love, always beats fear, just like when you turn on a light switch in a dark room, the light always prevails.

…As long as the electricity is working 😉

You are a warrior. Your loved ones are warriors. Never doubt your true greatness, power, and love. I wish you the absolute best… a life full of health, happiness, and prosperity, warrior. 🙂


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